Hello fellow simmers!  Last week I made this skin blend. It’s my first cc, and I’m very excited to share it with u guys now.:D

Here’s a list of features:

  • Out eyelid-line is lowered, so it won’t get stretched/twisted significantly with eye shape changes.
  • Less shade under eyebrows and nose.
  • Age details for adults and elders.

more pics:

For body shots, grab a view at Ephemera’s Blog, since I used this beauty as a base and I barely touched the body maps except female’s rib. 


Feel free to do what ever u want, but

NO paysites/exchange/claim as your own.

Link backs are always appreciated if u wanna blend it into your own work.





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Please accept my apologies for the bad previews and typos, as I’m not a native English speaker. Message me please if there’s any question, my ask box is open. Happy simming! :D

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